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Undoing Past Adversity

So you get your life back

… in 10 hours or less.

My.EM taps your own inner resources.


Through a 9-Step process, you unlock your innate ability to heal past adversity. In a recent test, 97% of participants experienced significant relief in just 10 hours!

Are you struggling

with trauma, stress, or eating disorders?

Start getting your life back

… in 10 hours or less.

Welcome to a Better Way!

It’s a phenomenon. Our bodies enable us to live remarkable lives and they also bear the brunt of many difficult and sometimes horrendous situations, carrying scars for many years. Yet we heal.

Life moves forward. Never backward, but to find answers, we often have to be bold and persevere. In this video, you’ll get a sense of who we are, why we’re here, and how this approach to healing may not be typical but is based on theoretical development, years of practice, and empirical research.

A fresh start is just around the corner. We are here to help you discover how miraculous you are! Our approach distills complex theory down to simple, easy to do steps, And we are here to help you take each one. We are committed to your wellness and focus on helping you develop new understanding and ways of dealing with the challenges you face. All you have to do is follow the steps we outline and do each of the short exercises we lay out. Very quickly, you will discover how gentle and remarkable is the path of recovery.

Get Relief from PTSD

The My.EM process has been proven with an evidence based study, to have clients symptom FREE of PTSD with 10 hours therapy. By utilising one of our packages and using these unique coping skills for at least 3 months, you too can heal.

Be FREE of Anorexia

Unlock the real reason you have this condition. Anorexia is a horrifying condition that can result in death. The My.EM process helps people escape the symptoms of this debilitating disease. If you are willing to commit for 3 months, we can help!

Manage Stress

Stress can lead to many health issues, not to mention breakdowns in relationships and interference with your career. It can also be a precursor to PTSD. Learn simple yet effective techniques that strike at the core. Commit to using My.EM for 3 Months and change your life!


Are you a Mental Health Practitioner and looking for a powerful evidence based process to help your patients?

My Envisioned Mind are looking for professionals like yourself, to be certified in the My.EM Process.

What is the My.EM Process?


Our limbic system dutifully sustains our existing beliefs.

The My.EM Process is a unique visualisation and imagination technique that changes the way we process information (thinking) or how we react to our surroundings (emotion).

Our limbic system dutifully sustains our childhood beliefs – concepts of our self as unlovable, useless, stupid etc, are lodged deep in the sub-conscious mind and are affecting us even now, decades later.

This process if used regularly, can remove these deep seated issues.

It does not affect your medication nor do have to talk about your trauma or condition.

You don’t have to believe in it for it to work.

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What is the Process Like?

The My.EM process is very simple to use.
If you can imagine something, you can use this process.

It becomes a powerful tool through its use.
Once you learn it and practice it, it only takes a few minutes per day.
You can even do it taking a shower!

1. Find your "Home in the Head"

Whether you buy a kit or have one on one sessions with our practitioners, you will find where all your emotions and triggers lie within your limbic system and subconscious mind.

2. Make it safe and happy

You will be guided on how to set up boundaries so you can feel safe and happy with yourself.

3. Peel back the layers

One by one peel back the onion layers that cause you to react negatively to situations in your life.

4. Focus on wellness not on what's wrong

You have probably heard about the law of attraction and how you get what you focus on.

The My.EM process enables to you to see yourself well and therefore change the way you think.


5. In the comfort of your own home

This technique can be done in the comfort of your own home.

Our consultants can come to you, can assist you via Skype or some other meeting site, or you can try one of our wellness kits that will teach you the first five steps of the process.

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