Many of us have unexplained aches and pains, and the thought of taking pain killers or anti-inflammatories for a lifetime is daunting. But over the years there has been many dedicated people researching this. One such person was Dr John Sarno who worked in a large hospital, had access to thousands of clients’ records and patients over the 50 years he practiced. This short video (6 minutes) gives you an insight into his findings: he answers the question; Is there a correlation between negative emotions and pain?

My own research was confirmed by Dr. Sarno: My Envisioned Mind (My.EM) allows you in a gentle and powerful way to access the parts of you who hold your pain and to be able to wash it away! I am holding regular webinars which will describe the process and gets you to try it! So you will be able to see if you can do My.EM and see how it will work for you. These webinars are free and you get a short course given to you as well. We look forward to meeting you Regards Beverley Searle